Your data in the Belgian registry

The Belgian Bone Marrow Donor Registry in Mechelen manages the database that stores the tissue types of people willing to donate stem cells to a patient. The registry comprises some 82,000 donors and around 21,400 units of umbilical cord blood.

The Belgian registry is part of the international donor bank network, giving it access to over 38 million potential matches.

How does the registry work?

  1. The Bone Marrow Donor Registry works with donor centers and hospitals, where potential donors can register and have a blood sample taken.
  2. The registry manages registration and stores all details of potential donors and their tissue type.
  3. As soon as a patient makes a request, the registry searches for donors with identical tissue types by consulting the Belgian and international donor banks and the umbilical cord blood bank. 
  4. Once a compatible donor is identified, we coordinate the administrative follow-up until the transplant takes place. 

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