Become a stem cell donor: start here

You can join the register to become a potentially life-saving stem cell donor here. This process is:

  • Anonymous: You won’t know who the recipient of your stem cells is, and they won’t know who donated them.
  • Informed: You will be fully informed about the donation, the procedure and any risks involved. You can then make a decision based on that information. It is your legal right to change your mind and withdraw from the process at any time.
  • Free: Donations are not compensated, financially or otherwise. We do have insurance in place, to cover any physical damage that may occur as a result of your donation.
  • Helping patients across the world: Joining the donor register means you can be called upon to help patients in Belgium as well as abroad.
  • Long term: It can take years before your stem cells are matched to a patient and you are called upon to make a donation. We therefore hope to be able to count on you for a long time to come.

Start here

  1. Hit the button below to start registration. We will ask you a few questions to determine whether you are a suitable donor.
  2. If the test shows you are eligible to donate, we will invite you to complete the online registration form.

Start your registration

What happens next?

  1. You will be invited to a center for a consultation with a doctor and a sample collection, which we will use to determine your tissue type. You have been invited to your registration. What happens next?
  2. Your data will be stored in the Belgian Bone Marrow Donor Registry. What happens to your data in the Belgian registry?
  3. Next, it is just a case of waiting to see if you will be called upon to be a donor. You have been called upon for stem cell donation, what happens next?